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What's My Home Worth?

What's Your Home Worth?

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Chicago is experiencing a very active real estate market. There is a shortage of homes for sale, coupled with a high level of demand. As you might expect, home prices are rising across the board. The value of your home also may have greatly increased.

Find out what your home is worth now by completing the What's My Home Worth? form. You will learn your home's value, what other homes in your area have sold for and other important information to help you when you are ready to sell your home.

Direct factors and indirect factors determine your home's value.

Direct factors include:

  • Location
  • Condition and Improvements
  • Taxes, Assessments and other fees
  • Parking accommodations and outdoor space.

Indirect factors include:

  • Surroundings of property (parking , schools, nearby businesses)
  • Marketplace supply and demand.
  • Buyers Perceptions.
  • Time of the year and other factors.

Using our extensive experience, we consider these factors in assessing the value of your home. First, we perform a preliminary "paper" assessment of value. Looking for comparables in your building or neighborhood, we can determine a reasonably accurate range of values. We will refine it later with a site visit. There is no cost to either service. We do ask for the opportunity to interview for the position of your realtor, when you become ready to sell your home.

Who sells your home does make a difference! How long it takes to sell and how much you get is at stake. Property is a commodity, albeit a commodity with emotional ties. As a commodity, it obeys the immutable laws of economics. If the demand increases, prices go up. A great agent and a great company can make this law of economics work for you by:

  1. Exposing your property to the total market: All Realtors and All potential buyers.
  2. Presenting your property in the best possible light while minimizing any problem areas.
  3. Selling your home by skillfully turning "lookers" into buyers.
  4. Holding the transaction together from negotiations through closing.

Fill out the What's My Home Worth? form. I will contact you shortly with a preliminary report. If you would like to get started even sooner, call me at 312-813-0960.

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